Philip Hinge (b. 1988) holds an MFA in painting from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Hinge’s work has exhibited at a variety of venues, including, Stepsister, (NY, NY), 427 (Riga, Latvia), Final Hot Desert (Utah), Ungefaehr 5 (Cologne, DE), mcg21xoxo (Chiba, Japan), 106 Green (NY, NY), Felix Art Fair (w/ Brennan & Griffin, NY) Plague Space (Krasnador, RU), Context, Art Miami (Miami, FL), Marvin Gardens (Ridgewood, NY), and Brennan & Griffin (NY, NY).

In addition to his studio work, Hinge also runs and curates two separate projects, Catbox Contemporary (Ridgewood, NY), and darkZone (NJ). Catbox Contemporary has regularly held exhibits in and out of Hinge’s apartment since 2017, with notable external shows being held at Alyssa Davis Gallery (NY, NY), Hot Wheels Athens (Athens, Greece), Felix Art Fair (2019), and Baitball (Polignano a Amare, Italy). darkZone was started in 2019 in Hinge’s childhood’s home’s basement. The project concluded in 2022 with the sale of the house. Hinge also writes reviews (published on Ofluxo) and has conducted artist interviews. Hinge lives and works in Ridgewood, NY.